The Benefits of Becoming a Welder in Louisiana

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Although many people might not realize it, Louisiana is a great state to pursue a career in welding. There are many perks the career path offers in our state that you won’t find elsewhere, which ultimately leads to very high job satisfaction among welders in the Pelican State. Satisfaction with your job—where you spend one-third of your life— provides personal fulfillment, encourages opportunities for raises or promotions, and inspires one to build, create, and innovate.

3 Reasons to Choose a Non-Traditional School

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Obviously, cost effectiveness is one of the leading reasons to attend a non-traditional school, like Compass Career College. However, there are a multitude of reasons why Millennials (and now, Gen-Z) are turning to non-traditional education, other than increasing cost.

Looking for a New Career? Ready, Set, Start!

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Career-focused training programs have helped thousands begin their work lives in high paying jobs that turn into careers they love. Targeted training builds careers in such industries as healthcare, cosmetology, and welding. No matter the student’s age or stage in life, career college instructors are committed to providing quality training for new life adventures.

Compass Career College Is Now an Accredited Test Facility for the American Welding Society Certification Exam

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Choosing to make Compass Career College the next step in your life plan just became that much wiser. Since we’ve become an Accredited Test Facility for the American Welding Society (AWS) Certification Exam, welding students can easily transition from their classes to their official certification in the field! Even better, you can do it all in one location at a low cost.

Celebrate National CNA Week with These 3 Facts About Our Program

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A certified nursing assistant (CNA) helping a patient.There’s a common consensus that CNAs, or Certified Nursing Assistants, get dealt some of the most challenging tasks in the Nursing field. But, what do you think makes them so special to medical professionals and patients alike? It’s their passion for care, dedication to their patients, and willingness to tackle just about any task—no matter how difficult.


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