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3 Ways to Avoid That Mid-Semester Slump

Compass Career College Students StudyingAs Fall classes fly by, students often find themselves feeling less motivated and more distracted. Use these simple tips to keep yourself focused and avoid the mid-semester slump:

  1. Remember your goals. When you feel like replacing study time with a new Netflix series, remind yourself that studying isn’t just important for tomorrow’s test--it’s an important step toward your certification and future career. Thinking about the whole reason you attended school in the first place is a great way to jumpstart your motivation. 
  2. List your important dates and keep them visible. Laying out your test and project due dates neatly helps you budget your time and stay organized. Try using your list as a screensaver on your phone or posting it on your bedroom mirror. PRO TIP: Don’t forget to add that graduation date to your calendar!
  3. Set up a reward system. Each time you accomplish a task for your class, give yourself a little treat; this can be as simple as buying yourself an iced coffee after you finish a paper or treating yourself to a movie night. Having something to work toward encourages you to sit down and get the job done!

That’s it! Following these three steps is a simple way to avoid the mid-semester slump, and you’ll be certified before you know it!

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