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5 Reasons to Attend Cosmetology School

Compass Career College Cosmetology students in class learningCurious about a career in cosmetology? You should be!

In this fast-paced world, there’s something to be said for having a job that you actually enjoy. Whether it’s helping a bride to get ready on her big day or giving a friend an edgy new look, cosmetologists have a ton of fun in making those around them smile.

Besides the pure enjoyment of the job, here are five other major reasons to consider attending our cosmetology school:

  1. Be a part of big events. You will share in the delight of celebrations and reunions, graduations and awards ceremonies, and dances and balls. Listen to the stories of what got your clients to this place in their lives and watch your styles show up on their social media feeds.
  2. Be in the know. The salon is where people go to share. It’s a fun place to be, and you’ll be a trusted confidante. And shhhh, their secrets are safe with you.
  3. Be yourself. And help others find their true selves. A wonderful thing about cosmetologists is that they share beauty secrets. You’ll be surrounded by people who are experts in fashion, technique and trends. They’ll help you look and feel your best as you do for others.
  4. Get paid to make people feel confident. The energy that comes with a new or fresh look is contagious. Walk to your car every day with the satisfaction that people are walking a bit taller and are lighting up the room – all because of you!
  5. You’ll be a lifelong learner. You’ll never get bored in this industry. There are both training and classes – and even trips – once you're really a part of the industry.

Bottom line – this career is fun. And cosmetologists can earn a very good living. Schooling isn’t prolonged, and you’ll be working in this fast-paced environment sooner than you might think. Call Compass Career College at (985) 419-2050 or click here to make your own change today. And while you’re at it, get your hair done to celebrate each milestone!

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