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5 Steps To Promote Yourself Online

Compass Cosmetics Edition

Compass Career College Cosmetology student working in class.1. Set Up Your Account as a Creator Account.

  • This will unlock insights and enable the contact button in your profile. 
  • You can see where your audience is located, when they are online, your most successful posts, and even more. Take time to understand the analytics. 

2. Include Three Bullets In Your Bio. 

  • Your Specialty
    • If you specialize in soft glam or lash extensions, say you are the Queen of Soft Glam or a Lash Expert. 
  • Location/Salon
    • Ensure you’re getting the right people to book.
    • Including the salon also adds value and authority to your name. 
  • Booking Information / Contact Info
    • This makes the booking process faster and easier.
      • Always think about how you can make this process easier for future clients.  

3. Create Awareness.

  • Create awareness by using a hashtag strategy, tagging beauty products, hosting giveaways, & offering deals to local influencers.
    • A hashtag strategy will increase your reach on posts. Create a hashtag bank in your notes, then copy and paste it into the bottom of your caption. Your hashtags should include 5 locations, 5 subjects, 5 community-based tags, and 5 niche-based tags. 
    • Brands will repost your work if your content is good enough, but you have to tag them first!
      Giveaways are incredibly successful in this industry; think about partnering with your friends to make a bigger prize.
    • When choosing an influencer, don’t just look at the follower count. Take into account the number of comments they get. When they suggest something to their audience, do they respond?  

4. Be Authentic With Your Audience.

  • Keeping consistency in your brand, social posts, and customer experience will produce loyal clientele. When you see one client, the reality is that they will share their experience with five people. So, when you are working with a new client, it’s actually six. Make sure that if you are kind and positive online, you are exactly like that in real life.

5. Create an Engaged Community.

  • Take time out of your day to engage with your community, ask questions in your captions and stories, respond to comments quickly, spread positivity on others’ posts, and share your friends' work too.

Promoting yourself online can be cost-effective and highly beneficial to your business. Having a social media platform that showcases your talent and personality can help you build a loyal clientele and a reputation. Your instructors at Compass will ensure you have the skill to wow any client, but it's up to you to show the world what you’re made of. Now more than ever, potential clients want to see your past work before they book with you. So start snapping today!

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