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Sarah Dugas
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5 Ways to Make Time For Work, Family, & Friends While You’re in School

Compass Career College FriendsBalancing school, work, social and family life can seem like an impossible task when you only have 24 hours in a day. By taking a little bit of time to organize your schedule, however, you will be able to make time for everything that is important to you. Here’s how:

  1. Organize your schedule consistently. When you have your professional life and personal life to juggle, staying organized will help you remain on track. Commit to using a tool for planning, such as Google Calendar. Block your time for studying, homework, and your work schedule. Once you’ve allotted an appropriate amount of time for these, you’ll have a realistic idea of when you’ll be able to spend time doing other things.
  2. Make sure your friends & family are on the same page. You may feel like your family and friends don’t understand how busy you are, which can lead to guilt on days when you decide to put school first. Talking to your loved ones will help them understand where you’re coming from. Be sure they are aware of your schedule and how much time you are commiting to school and work each week. As your No. 1 support system, they will understand how important school is to you!
  3. Take care of yourself. Proper sleep, personal hygiene, and a healthy diet with regular exercise will all maximize your energy and confidence. The better you feel, the more you can achieve each day. 
  4. Keep your ultimate goal in mind. Remember, you are in school to advance your career and achieve a personal goal for yourself. When trying to make time for everyone, it is important to not view school as a burden. A negative attitude can quickly make school feel like something you have to do when it is actually a huge step in getting where you’d like to be in life--AKA something you want to do.
  5. Communicate your concerns with your teachers, faculty & fellow students. When your work and family life become overwhelming in the midst of all your assignments, the best thing to do is have a conversation about it. Teachers and faculty members are here to help you succeed, and they will likely be glad to help you re-adjust your time. Similarly, your peers may be going through the same struggles, and talking to them allows you both to share some good time management strategies!

Remember that at the end of the day, your chaotic schedule is only temporary! Soon you’ll be graduating, getting your dream job, and spending more time with the ones you love. If you’re looking for a career in Allied Health, Practical Nursing, Welding, or Cosmetology, consider choosing a school that cares about you--consider Compass Career College! Click here for more information.

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