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A Social Media Presence Can Define Your Career

Young hairstylist taking a photo of a client's styled hair with a smart phone while working in the salonCompass Career College understands that there is more to cosmetics than the color eyeshadow you choose. To be a Cosmetologist you need clients and one way to find them is through social media. Social media is the perfect tool to advertise your work in a cost-effective way.

From Facebook and Instagram to TikTok, you can showcase your skills and passion to the world in an instant. Some cosmetologists believe that social media is oversaturated with beauty gurus, and it’s not worth joining in. However, you can stand out and build an audience that is right for you. Here are some tips on how to build a social media presence that will boost your clientele.

  1. Do Your Research
    1. Research the best days to post on your chosen platform.
    2. Find “peak” post times on your chosen platform; this is when most of your audience is online.
    3. Look up local makeup artists and study what they do.
      1. Note what makes you different and focus on that.
      2. Look up local hashtags, and use them on EVERY post. Bonus points if the hashtag has been used less than 60K times.
    4. Study what kind of content you think your audience will engage with.
  2. Craft Your Professional Account
    1. Make sure your bio is both professional and inviting.
    2. Have contact information easily accessible.
    3. Pick a color palette for your branding.
    4. Create a personalized hashtag and utilize it in every post.
  3. Stay Consistent
    1. Post regularly on your chosen platform.
    2. Post only at “peak” times to ensure high engagement.
    3. Reply to comments promptly.
  4. Post Your Work & Show Some Personality.
    1. Avoid posting anything controversial on your professional page.
  5. Tag your makeup products every time, and you might get reposted.\
    1. Followers will appreciate this too.
  6. After a month of launching your social media platforms, review what worked and what didn’t. Make a note of your progress and see how you can improve next month.

As you can tell, establishing a social media presence is more of a science than you would think. Having a social media platform that showcases your skills can help you build clientele and a reputation. The time you invest in social media will be fruitful. Now more than ever, potential clients want to see your past work before they book with you. Compass and its instructors will go above and beyond to help you build your skill set to have a successful career.

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