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Opportunities in Welding

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As with all of the courses of study offered at Compass Career College, the welding program is COE-accredited and highly respected within the greater New Orleans area. That’s not the only advantage to pursuing a career in welding at CCC, however.

In terms of job opportunities, welding is generally regarded as a solid career choice. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected better-than-average growth for the industry through at least 2020. Many industry leaders also acknowledge a shortage of skilled welders, since for years experienced welders were retiring a higher rate than new welders were entering the field.

New welders in the Gulf Coast region, however, may be the best possible position to take advantage of opportunities in the industry. The main reason is the concentration of petrochemical facilities and equipment along the Gulf Coast, particularly in Louisiana and Texas.

Is Your Institution COE Accredited?

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When researching vocational training programs in the Hammond area, you may come across the term “COE accredited”. The question of what COE accreditation is—and more importantly, why it matters when choosing a technical school—is a fairly straightforward one to answer.


The Council on Occupational Education (COE) is a national agency whose mission is “assuring quality and integrity in career and technical education”. This means that any non-degree-granting institution of higher education, such as Compass Career College, must adhere to rigorous standards of operation and instruction in order to achieve and maintain COE accreditation.

Medical Assistant Training Programs: Cost vs. Value

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Compass Career College class photoIf you’re in the Northshore or Greater New Orleans area and have considered a career as a Medical Assistant, one of the first things you’ve probably researched is how much local training programs cost. But have you evaluated whether your program of choice will actually help you make more money over the course of your career, or leave you in debt with no good way out?

The Medical Assistant program at Compass Career College in Hammond stands out precisely because it emphasizes value rather than cost alone. While other vocational training programs may offer lower tuition rates, CCC allows you to make a smarter, more solid investment in your future. The long-term value of choosing CCC’s Medical Assistant program far outweighs your short-term costs.

There are a number of ways that CCC graduates benefit from the value of their training:

Generation Z and a Career in Skilled Trades

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Millennials have received a fair share of headlines and news over the last few years, including the fact they are now the largest demographic in the U.S., having recently overtaken Baby Boomers. However, as Millennials begin to settle into the adult-phase of their lives, there is a new demographic growing up right before our eyes:

Generation Z.

Generation Z (often referred to as Post-Millennials or the iGeneration) aren't classified yet by certain birth years, but they're identified by their widespread usage, and comfort, of social media and the Internet, from an extremely young age. Some people suggest that having grown up through the Great Recession gives this particular cohort a feeling of unsettlement.

It is this underlying sense of insecurity that might lead many Generation Z'ers to forego "traditional" 4-year-colleges, and turn, instead, to the security that has become associated with skilled trades jobs.

5 Unique Facts About a Career in Welding

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Welder working on projectThe welding profession has been around for centuries. In fact, there's evidence of welding in the Ancient Tombs built by the Egyptians. In those thousands of years, the job of a welder has constantly changed, as new materials and techniques have come to light.

But one thing that has remained constant is the need for welding. In fact, more than half of all U.S. products rely on welding in order to be ready for mass consumption. With that type of need, it's clear that a career in welding is a viable choice for many men and women entering the workforce.

Here are a few other interesting facts about welding you might not know, but could help you decide whether this is the right career for you.


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