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Can My Personality Help Decide My Career Path?

Compass Career College LPN teacher and student reviewing information together.Remember when our social feeds were flooded with BuzzFeed quizzes that determine which Friends character you are most like? While those quizzes are entertaining, there is an assessment that is more informative and could help you better plan for your future than just knowing if you are more like Phoebe or Chandler.

The Myers-Briggs Personality assessment or the 16 Personalities assessment can help undecided students choose which career they fit best. 80% of Fortune 500 companies use this assessment to place new applicants, and many colleges encourage new students to take these personality assessments to help them decide their career path.

While training to be a cosmetologist or medical assistant sounds enthralling, if you are uncomfortable speaking to total strangers every day, you may not enjoy your career as much as you hoped. For instance, pipe technicians commonly identify as introverts and tend to lean towards deciding intuitively. Further, LPNs or Medical assistants typically score ESFJ as they regularly communicate with others and lean toward sensing for decision-making. So what does ESFJ mean?

These assessments include a series of specific questions to help you identify strengths and weaknesses, desires and ambitions, and how you are perceived. At the end of the assessment, an individual’s personality type is described with a four-letter acronym (e.g., ESFJ).

The Myers-Briggs personality type begins with I or E, which stands for Extrovert or Introvert. The next set of letters is either S for sensing and N for Intuitive, which describes how an individual processes information. The following collection of letters is either a T for Thinking or an F for Feeling, which explains an individual’s decision-making preference. The final set of letters would be a J for Judging or P for Perceiving; this describes their choice for “dealing” with the world.

Many professionals use personality assessments to help guide them through their career advancement as well. Personality assessments can change based on time and various life events. It is crucial to retake the assessment as different experiences can alter your responses to the four categories. Study these differences, and you can find your career passion. If your personality changes, it might be time to switch your career path or take on different leadership roles.

It is important to note that sometimes the assessment is just an assessment. While the Myers-Briggs Personality assessment or 16 Personalities assessment can help guide your decision-making, if you genuinely are interested in one of our programs, but didn’t fit the four-letter code, we still encourage you to enroll or ask us questions!

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