4 Reasons Why You Should Become a Welder

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Welding student in class doing hands on trainingThe welding industry is constantly growing and evolving. Although there has become an increase in demand for welders, there are not many people that are currently pursuing a career in welding despite the many benefits that come with it. There are a number of signs that point to a promising future for people in the welding industry.

5 Perks of Being a Licensed Practical Nurse

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Nursing students in class looking at equipment.A Licensed Practical Nurse (PN) is a nurse who cares for people who are sick, hurt, disabled, or recovering from an illness or injury. This definition doesn’t address all of the wonderful benefits of working as a Licensed Practical Nurse, however. Compass Career College prepares their LPN students for a career in healthcare and helps them to develop skills that will benefit them in an ever-changing medical environment. 

5 Jobs You Can Land With Your Medical Assistant training from Compass Career College

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Physician holding their hand in front of them, palms outThe Compass Career College Medical Assistant program educates students in basic anatomy and physiology; medical terminology; medical law and ethics; patient psychology and communications; medical office procedures; and clinical diagnostic, examination, testing, and treatment procedures. Training our students in these areas enables them to receive their Medical Assistant certification and a well-rounded education.

12 Things You Will Learn As a Nurse Aide

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Young nurse standing and elbow bumping a coworker as a greeting in the clinicDo you feel called to care for others? Consider Nurse Aide Training at Compass Career College! In approximately six weeks or 100 clocked hours, you can successfully complete the curriculum. Nurse Aides provide direct care to patients. Students will learn theory and develop clinical skills during this program.

5 Steps To Promote Yourself Online

Compass Cosmetics Edition

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Compass Career College Cosmetology student working in class.Promoting yourself online can be cost-effective and highly beneficial to your business. Having a social media platform that showcases your talent and personality can help you build a loyal clientele and a reputation. Your instructors at Compass will ensure you have the skill to wow any client, but it's up to you to show the world what you’re made of. Now more than ever, potential clients want to see your past work before they book with you. 


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