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Celebrate National CNA Week with These 3 Facts About Our Program

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) helping a patient.There’s a common consensus that CNAs, or Certified Nursing Assistants, get dealt some of the most challenging tasks in the Nursing field. But, what do you think makes them so special to medical professionals and patients alike? It’s their passion for care, dedication to their patients, and willingness to tackle just about any task—no matter how difficult.

So, of course, they need a whole week to be celebrated, and not just one day; hence, National CNA Week! According to the National Network of Career Nursing Assistants, National Certified Nursing Assistants’ Week “provides a timely opportunity to foster and showcase the wonderful things [CNAs do to create] a community of caring.”

We want to celebrate the 42nd year of this tradition by reflecting upon the reasons why becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is a rewarding career. A career as a CNA provides you with job security, schedule flexibility, and opportunities to progress into multiple medical specialties. Luckily enough, our college offers a phenomenal training program for Nursing Aides, who wish to become apart of Louisiana’s public health community.

Check out the benefits of attending our program below!

  1. The program only takes 6-weeks—or a mere month and a half— of your time. Compass Career College’s 6-week program is an intensive, structured deep-dive into anatomy and physiology, restorative services, resident & patient rights, cognitive impairment, mental health, and much more. The skill set you develop will set you up for future success in a number of medical professions, integrating you into the “working world,” where you can develop the experience many traditional programs require from their candidates. Think of it as a 6-week commitment to get you on the road to the rest of your life.
  2. The program sets you up to earn your licensure requirements. Compass Career College’s comprehensive curriculum focuses on the Department of Health and Hospitals’ licensure requirements. With our dual nursing courses, you’ll learn all about infection control practices, personal care skills, and abnormal changes in bodily functions. Most importantly of all, the Southeastern Louisiana community benefits from the increased number of knowledgeable Nursing Aid professionals, who can now provide basic nursing care to patients in need of medical attention.
  3. The program leads to long-term, gainful employment. There’s a basic rule to living a well-balanced, well-meaning life: you need to love what you do, and there’s nothing better than catapulting out of bed each morning, excited to go to work and eager to tackle the challenges of the day. Although we’re not going to lie: the field does come with many obstacles and upheavals. But, you’ll feel fulfilled in knowing that you’re productively contributing to society and helping some of its most valuable members—all while making a living for yourself and preparing for future opportunities. Admit it, nothing sounds more appealing than securing a solid future for you and your family.

Sure, it’s not easy to uproot your entire life path and make significant changes in your career. However, more people are making the decision to improve their tomorrow with our vocational programs, such as Nursing Aide Training. Click here to learn more about the admission process and curriculum. And, together, let’s give a shoutout to all the current (and future! Hint, hint.) Certified Nursing Assistants during National CNA Week.

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