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Five Reasons to Choose a Career in Welding

Compass Career College welding studentCompass Career College knows first-hand that welding can lead to a secure future. Jobs in welding are on the rise, and Compass Career College can provide the training for your career. Following are just a few reasons why welding is a career path that should not only be considered but also explored thoroughly.

  1. Welders are in high demand. The American Welding Society reported in March 2018 that the “welder deficit is set to eclipse 200,000 by 2020 and hit nearly 375,000 by 2026.” Job security and ample opportunity are available with a career in welding.
  2. Training is efficient and thorough. At Compass Career College in Hammond, students take the basic welding skills program that will prepare them to perform the work as well as identify and interpret welding symbols on drawings and welding procedure specifications (WPS). Students will leave Compass Career College with the skills to immediately begin their careers.
  3. Safety is paramount. Not only are employers laser-focused on the safety and security of their employees, Compass can train students to help their future employers maintain safe workplaces as training includes recognizing opportunities to make worksites even better for employees.
  4. Welding is a diverse career path. Students undergo training to become general welding technicians or pipe welders, and these are just the entry paths into the career. As workers grow, they will perfect skills with on-the-job training that will allow them to specialize and become even more valuable to employers.
  5. The job is mobile. If you want to travel or experience other parts of the country or world, the demand for the job is everywhere. Whether you are looking for temporary placement to explore other parts of the United States or a permanent opportunity, welding jobs are available and in demand all over the world.

For more information or to begin your new welding career, click here.

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