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How to get your Foot in the Door for an Amazing Cosmetology Career

Woman working in cosmetology salon with customerImagine this. You just finished your last class EVER, you’re posting pics for your family and friends, and you already have the job of your dreams lined up and ready to go. How’d that happen?

Of course, we would love to say it’s because you graduated from Compass Career College. And that’s certainly a huge part of it, but there are some steps you can take before graduation to help ensure your own success as well.

At Compass Career College, our instructors are well-connected in the cosmetology industry, and it is important that you use their networks to begin your own. That starts with attending class every day, asking questions to increase your skills – and then asking questions about how instructors got started.

Understand your best skills. Rather than simply stating that you are a cosmetologist, focus on your own brand. Is it hair styling, makeup or are you the best when it comes to manicures for professional women? What is your specialty? You will want to be the go-to person for something.

Don’t get too comfortable with what you have already learned. Create new goals, no matter what. While you may not think you will ever take the next step, don’t close the door. When people ask you about your interests, be honest, but remain on the lookout for what may be to come. That means collect as much information as possible. You may one day be the instructor!

This is an industry that prides itself on professionals continuing their education. Attend workshops and special trainings, even if they aren’t required. Ideas are everywhere, but experience beyond the classroom will help you stand out when applying for jobs.

And finally, make sure you become the person from whom others seek advice. You’ll feel it when it happens. They will all start running to you. You’ll be the person with the answers and who has it all together. This is when you know your personal brand is solid.

In short, ask a lot of question so you can become the professional with all the answers. Compass Career College offers three main focuses for cosmetology – esthetics, hair and nails. Each of these has specialties within that offer further opportunities to brand yourself in the cosmetology industry. Click here to begin building your unique skill set.

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