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How to Handle Holiday Stress in College

Studying during the HolidaysTime management is often a challenge for college students, especially once the holidays roll around. Of course Friendsgiving and Christmas parties will offer constant distractions in November and December, but planning early can help you keep those distractions from affecting your grades. 

Reminder #1: You’re not alone

You probably feel it is important to experience every holiday event to the fullest, and that’s understandable! That said, it also is still essential to focus on the future. Why? Because the sacrifices you make right now are going to ensure better holiday seasons for your family in the future.

Must you attend every workplace activity? Must you go to your best friend’s aunt’s neighbor’s block party? What seems fun in the moment may result in lower grades or difficulty completing class assignments. 

Reminder #2: There are ways to beat the stress

Prioritizing some events over others can result in holiday enjoyment as well as achieving success as a student. Here are some strategies to help you survive the holiday season:

  • When you have several holiday invites tempting you, choose to participate in the gatherings that have been around the longest. Last-minute parties cost you time and money, and they usually aren’t quite as important as family gatherings and yearly traditions anyway. 
  • Make a plan that includes study time and class time. Add in your work schedule as well as sleep time, and don’t forget to drop off/pick up the kids too! Budgeting your time will allow you to map out a plan and give you a visual as to when you do (or don’t) have extra time. 
  • Take care of your health during the holidays. Skip that holiday beer special and limit the late-night streaming! Eating right and getting proper rest will not only work to boost your mood; you’ll also perform better in the classroom. 
  • Don’t procrastinate. Make time for enjoying the holidays in a student-aware manner! Avoiding rushing through assignments or pulling all-nighters will ultimately alleviate a lot of stress. 

That’s it! We know the joy of the holiday season can quickly become overwhelming, but always take a moment to remind yourself that school is an investment that is very much worth it! Careful and strategic planning can make sure you still achieve your goals this semester without missing out on the holiday fun.

Final Reminder...

When all else fails, remember your Compass Career College family is here to help you! Click here to contact us or learn more about enrollment here.

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