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Medical Billing & Coding: A Career with Opportunity, Flexibility, and Security

Medical Billing & CodingMedical Billing & Coding is a popular technical training program, and for good reason: Employees in this field are an integral part of the current U.S. healthcare system. Medical billers and coders apply specialized numerical codes to any diagnosis, service, or procedure offered by healthcare providers. These codes are utilized in creating medical records and filing insurance claims.

Medical billers and coders can build solid careers in any part of the country, including the Gulf Coast region. If you’re from the Hammond or Greater New Orleans area and are looking for a springboard to career stability or a change in career direction, there are several good reasons to look into the Medical Billing & Coding program at Compass Career College.


Training for medical billing and coding at CCC can be completed in 10 months if you’re a full-time student, which offers you a quicker path to employment than pursuing a 2 or 4-year degree in a related field. Medical billers and coders can also work in a number of different environments, such as hospitals, private practices, insurance companies, or third-party billing and coding agencies. With some experience and continuing education, you could move into a supervisory or management position within your department.


Some employers will allow medical billers and coders to work from home, or to work on a contract basis. These arrangements may come with flexible hours, fewer work-related expenses, or better pay rates. If you’re especially ambitious and like the idea of being your own boss, you could even start your own independent medical billing and coding service.


Medical billing and coding jobs are available anywhere that healthcare providers practice, meaning that there is no shortage of potential employers for a motivated, well-trained medical biller and coder. These jobs are not concentrated in one particular area of the country, either, but can be found nationwide. The U.S. Department of Labor also projects better than average job growth for the medical billing and coding field, estimating that there will be a 22% increase in the need for health information-related jobs between 2012 and 2022.

If medical billing and coding sounds like a promising field for you, then don’t wait to take steps to move your career in a positive direction. Compass Career College is local, well-respected, nationally accredited by the Council on Occupational Education, and offers training in medical billing and coding that is second to none. Reach out to CCC Admissions Counselors at (985) 419-2050 to start investing in your future today.

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