10 Ways To Stay Organized in School

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Compass Career College students stayin organized and working in classA planner will help you organize yourself anywhere from a week to a month in advance. Make sure you read your syllabus and mark the most important dates in your planner. Test dates, study dates, holidays, and personal events are just a few important dates you should include in your planner so you can plan adequately. When you do this, you can allocate the most time to the most pressing matters.

A Day in the Life of an LPN - Compass Alum, Amy Bickford

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Compass Career College Practical Nurse students working togetherA day in the shoes of a Licensed Practical Nurse is nothing short of extraordinary. You can expect to do anything from administration task management, meeting with patients, preparing and assisting in surgery, administering medication, monitoring their response, etc. Every day is equipped with different tasks, challenges, and patients.

The average 8-12 hour shifts are filled with unexpected twists and turns, but one thing is for sure; Compass Career College prepares you for it all. Take it from 2016 Compass graduate, Amy Bickford, as she shares her daily life as an LPN.

Is Welding Essential?

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Compass Career College student weldingAccording to American Welding Society research, 70 percent of all manufactured products are made with the skills of welders. Ultimately, welding is essential. It is more than just a process that joins two metals together permanently. Welding is a part of our everyday lives. From cars and planes to buildings, bridges, and small kitchen appliances, metal work is the backbone of our economy. Many industries, including Automotive, Construction and Aviation industries, would not exist without the skills of a welder.


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