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Secure Your Future Within The Year

Two Compass Career College Pipe Technician student women in class.April is National Welding Month, so it is the perfect time to talk about new career opportunities! Compass Career College can help you secure your future by equipping you with the skills you need to start your career. If you enjoy hands-on learning then our Pipe Technician Program may be the right fit for you. Over 88% of your time in our program is actively spent in the lab. You can tour our facilities and learn more about the details of the program on our website!

Secure your Future with a Strong Career

Welders are seeing an increase in job opportunities heading into the future. As Louisiana grows, so does the welding industry, and the industry is expected to continue to increase. Finding a career in an industry with a high predicted growth rate helps increase the likelihood of finding employment and remaining employed in the future.

Women in the Welding Field

We’re right on the heels of Women’s History Month, so it’s a great time to look at the need for women within the welding industry. Currently, the welding industry is only 5% female, but that number continues to increase. Are you thinking about launching a career as a pipe technician? Watch our testimonials from past pipe technician students here.

Launch your Career in Under a Year

Our Pipe Technician Program is also designed to give you the skills you need in a timely manner. Did you know you can complete our  Pipe Technician Program in just 6 months, and the program’s cost has recently been reduced? You can secure your future with a strong career and before Halloween this year, you could be applying for jobs in the welding industry. Enroll in our Pipe Technician Program by April 15th to launch your journey into an essential career today!


April isn’t just an opportunity to appreciate welders who have helped build America and make our country so strong. It’s an opportunity to consider your current career and set new goals for the future. Don’t put off your future any longer. Call us today to talk about your career aspirations in the welding industry, and let us help you become essential.

Enroll in our upcoming Pipe Technician Program beginning April 19th. Enrollment deadline is April 15th.

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