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The Benefits of Becoming a Welder in Louisiana

Although many people might not realize it, Louisiana is a great state to pursue a career in welding. There are many perks the career path offers in our state that you won’t find elsewhere, which ultimately leads to very high job satisfaction among welders in the Pelican State. Satisfaction with your job—where you spend one-third of your life— provides personal fulfillment, encourages opportunities for raises or promotions, and inspires one to build, create, and innovate.

Job satisfaction starts for many American laborers with a good wage for a job well-done. Welders make an average of $22.99/per hour, or $47,810/per year in Louisiana, which is 21 percent above the national average. There’s potential to make even more than that, too—depending on your specialty and industry. If you land yourself in the top 10 percent of median pay in LA, you could be making upwards of 70K per year—did you ever think that would be possible without a Master’s, or much less a Bachelor’s degree to your name?

While a good wage is certainly one positive aspect of pursuing a welding career in Louisiana, it isn’t the only benefit to deciding to take on this new and exciting career path. If you decide to enroll in the Welding program at Compass Career College, you’ll also find that certain facets of our program makes it easier to locate gainful employment within the thriving job market of our great state.

For one, Louisiana is home to a variety of industries that you could find yourself a part of, as it’s simple to find a job in a number of fields once you complete CCC’s six-month program. Career opportunities in welding are abound, whether you choose to move forward with a job in construction, shipbuilding, manufacturing, plant maintenance, or pipe welding. 

Any one of these jobs would serve as an excellent stepping stone along your career path. There’s no better way to develop your expertise in the skill of welding than on-the-job experience and mentorship underneath those already fluent in the ways and practices of the field. With the opportunity to pursue jobs in different industries under the general umbrella of welding, you’ll stumble across a number of desirable, transferable skills that can lead you to more specialized areas of welding where the extra income lies.

Despite modern, technological advancements, there’s still a primal need for humans to work with their hands. It helps us to maintain a healthy mood and avoid feelings of anger, apathy, and depression. By pursuing a welding career, you’ll be active and on-your-feet, while trying to meet the demands of a highly sought-after skill. It’s a truly fulfilling path for more reasons than one, especially in the state of Louisiana. 

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