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The Compass Experience: Pipe Technician Program

Compass Career College Pipe Technician instructor watching a student weld

Are you interested in welding but not sure if Compass Career College’s Pipe Technician Program is right for you? Cory Drake shared his experience, so you can get a sneak peek into what our career college offers.

Cory Drake graduated from our Pipe Technician Program in 2018. Compass Career College was invariably his first choice because his mother was an alumnus from the medical program and made the sincere recommendation.

Initially, Cory was interested in carpentry, but he had to dig deeper after hearing about welding in passing at Compass. After some thorough research, Cory excitedly made the switch to our Pipe Technician Program. By the time he entered the classroom, Cory was teaching himself the basics of welding, and our faculty was just as eager to prepare him for his career as Cory was to learn. Once he met with his instructors, he knew immediately he made the right choice. He explained,

“The instructors’ energy was very welcoming and motivating.”

One thing that sets our program apart is that our instructors are encouraged to foster a collaborative environment in the classroom. Cory noted that they were crucial in his success at Compass. He added,

“They helped me become a leader. The instructors created an inspiring environment for me. When my classmates were feeling like giving up, I pushed them to do better and stay. I remember constantly helping others understand concepts that were difficult to explain.”

For this and many other reasons, Cory was loved and recognized by instructors as a star student.

In addition to learning from encouraging instructors, Cory enjoyed the hands-on experience the classroom provided in the Pipe Technician Program. He relished in the preparedness he garnished from the program,

“Compass prepared me for the real world. The welding industry is filled with different people of all ages and backgrounds, so being able to collaborate with others is an essential skill that I learned by working with my classmates.”

To this day, Cory is thankful for his experience at Compass Career College - from the instructors to the knowledge he gained. Even after Cory graduated, he took his passion for welding one step further by gaining multiple welding certifications, including OSHA. Cory finished his testimony with these words of encouragement, “If I can do it, you can do it. You just have to push yourself to do better.”

If you are interested in learning more about our Pipe Technician Program and the career of a welder, Contact us by calling our admissions office at 985-419-2050 or visiting our Pipe Technician page.

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