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You Can Change Your Life with a New Career Path – Let Compass Career College Help You!

Compass Career College graduationNot everyone is ready to decide what they want to do with the rest of their life at the age of eighteen. You have just graduated high school, are most likely still living with your parents, and have little to no real world experience. There is a harsh reality in making such a weighted decision so early in life before you truly know yourself and where your passions lie.

Some might bite the bullet and move along with the required college coursework, but it’s becoming increasingly less common with only 41 percent of college students graduating on the traditional four-year timeline. Perhaps, you didn’t earn your college degree like the rest of your high school friends – maybe, you wanted to get a grip on your career path before starting your educational journey, or you could have had a financial hiccup or complicated life situation that got in the way. Whatever the reason may be, you can still complete your college degree as an adult.

As 2020 unfolds, the unemployment rate remains low at 3.5 percent, the lowest in a half-century, according to the latest figures by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For the first time in many years, it’s a job hunter’s market, which sets up the ideal opportunity for anyone looking to return to school, earn their college degree, and start a new career. Whether you have your eye on our Welding or Allied Health programs, both of which are beginning new sessions in March, you probably want a concrete list of reasons to upend your life and head back to school. Compass Career College is here to chat about the six ways college degree completion will impact your life – in a good way!

You can earn a higher income. 

Another recent survey by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics found that employees with higher levels of education earn more than their counterparts without a college degree under their belt.
Even with a year or two of college, you look to increase your income over 3,000-dollars per year. As for vocational degrees that require on-the-job training, these programs, such as ours, can bridge the educational gap and provide laborers with a solid path to a higher income. And, who doesn’t want that?

You’ll enjoy better job security.

College education has not only been linked to higher pay, but it’s also been associated with increased job security. Without a degree and the skills acquired during a formalized education, you may not be seen as valuable to your employer, making it easier for them to cut the cord when the going gets rough at your company. Facts are just facts  – many studies show that college graduates are less likely to be laid off during an economic recession, meaning more job security for you and peace-of-mind for your family.

You will experience increased self-confidence. 

Better income and job security will lead to an improved way-of-life for you and your family. It’s only normal that a healthy dose of self-confidence goes along with it! With a boost in your self-confidence, you’ll feel more competent in holding yourself to a certain standard, more intelligent in group situations, and more likely to reach for the stars. Starting your career path with a clean slate is an excellent way to move forward in all of these arenas, and Compass Career College wants to help you do just that!

You can be a positive role model. 

By pursuing your education again, you’ll serve a positive role model to your children or the children in your family. In fact, children of parents, who achieve higher levels of education, are more likely to attend college themselves. Again, the numbers don’t lie: 80 percent of students with educated parents have reported more encouragement to attend university after graduating from high school. Four-year program or not, your recommitment to your education will show your child just how much you care about your future, as well as their own.

You’ll have greater opportunities and benefits. 

There is no better way to achieve success in your career than returning to college. Whatever subject you choose to focus on, college students have interdisciplinary skills that will qualify them for a wide range of jobs with upward mobility. Through any one of our highly sought-after programs, you will learn how to think analytically, solve problems easily, and communicate efficiently. This skillset will open the door to an improved job outlook and more comprehensive benefits packages that include health insurance, 401K, and more.

You will be a happier you!

It’s no secret– college graduates report higher job satisfaction, according to the College Board, a non-profit organization. When you’re engaged in an arena that interests you, the chances that you will enjoy your job only increase. Since we spend up to one-third of our lives at work, which averages approximately 90,000 hours, it’s extremely important to be content with the tasking and workflows you complete on a daily basis, as it can affect other areas of your life, including physical and mental health.

Interested in picking back up where you left off –  or starting completely afresh – with your college education? Compass Career College considers ourselves experts at what we do, and our dedicated team of professors, advisors, and admin professionals will help you accomplish your goal in acquiring your college degree. Explore our offerings to learn more.

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