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Your guide to becoming a Medical Billing and Coding Professional

Medical Billing and Coding, as a profession, falls under the wider category of medical specialists who act as a go-between for the medical office and insurance companies. A career field that’s expected to grow by 10% over the next decade in fact! Discover your path to becoming a vital representative in charge of a medical facility’s reimbursement and revenue stream. 

Understand the difference

Medical billing and coding are separate jobs but are closely related. Coding professionals take their provider’s notes and transfer them into industry-standard codes for record-tracking and billing purposes. Meanwhile, individuals who work in billing take those codes and create invoices to send to patients’ insurance providers. The processes are intertwined, which is why the program includes both. Completing our program at Compass Career College will make you eligible to work in both areas. 

Enroll at Compass

The first step in launching your career is to make sure you have a Compass Ally to guide you. Call or stop by our office to discuss admission. Our staff will help you with the enrollment process for an upcoming start date.

Hit the books! 

At Compass, each class you take is intentionally crafted to give you the skills you need to succeed in your career--no filler classes required. 

  • Our Pathophysiology and Medical Terminology classes give you an understanding of the human body and the medical terms used to accurately transfer information for record-keeping. 
  • In Medical Office Management, you’ll learn the skills you need to manage an office and be effective in your role. 
  • Medical Billing and Coding 1- 4 are where you’ll learn the actual process of billing and coding. These courses give you the knowledge you’ll need to succeed in your new career. 

Complete your externship

All Medical Billing and Coding students complete an externship before graduation. This is an opportunity to gain real-world experience in your chosen career field, and even add a line to your resume. 

After your externship, the next step is to graduate successfully and land a job in your new field! If you’re interested in launching a career in a profession that is essential, fulfilling, and offers greater job security than many other fields, talk to us today. Our next Medical Billing and Coding class starts soon, so don't miss your shot at a new career. 

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